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HOUSE JEAN JAURES - Metro Croix Centre
General Information
Address : 95 Bis rue Jean Jaures 59170,Croix
Size of the room : 17,17m²
Monthly Rent : € 480
Living Room size : 41
Monthly Charges : 50
Kitchen size : 14,51
Metro : Croix Centre (2)
Room floor : RDC
Tram : Clinique du Parc (R)
Consommation énergétique : E
émissions GES : E
Room Description

Fully furnished room including double bed, desktop, lights, storage, flat screen TV, internet, en-suite bathroom with shower, basin, mirror and toilets. Located on the ground floor of the house.

House Characteristics
  • This bedroom is situated on the ground floor of a 281 m2 house of 9 bedrooms.
  • The living room has a home cinema and the dining room can contain 10 persons.
  • The kitchen is fully furnished (fridge, freezer, dishwasher, 8 glass ceramic hobs, extractor hood, oven, microwave and all necessary kitchen utensils).
  • The house has a wash-house laundry with separated washing and drying machines.
  • The house has a large private garden and terrace
HOUSE JEAN JAURES - Metro Croix Centre

281m² house of : 9 rooms, fully furnished, 9 bathrooms, 10 toilets, spacious living room with home cinema, fully equipped kitchen, washing / drying machines and garden and terrace. Ideally located for EDHEC students and other schools situated in the center of Roubaix.

House Location


  • Shops and Supermarket

- 700 meters from the supermarché MATCH (about 6 minutes walk)

- 100 meters from roads : Place de la République and Professeur Perrin who are the main shopping streets of the city (local shops : restaurants, bars, banks…)


  • Lille and the Barbieux Parc

- 10 minutes walk to from the Barbieux parc

- 250 meters from roads : Place de la République, Jean Jaurès and Professeur Perrin who are the main shopping streets of the city (local shops : restaurants, bars, banks…)